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A garden window is a window that juts out or projects slightly from a wall, in order to capture more sunlight and make a room look larger. Garden windows have glass on all sides, except for the bottom. They're similar to bay windows, but smaller. Some garden windows may also have shelves. Often used in kitchens over sink areas, they can provide space for decorative items and especially plants, because of the extra light they allow into the room. If you're considering garden windows for your home, refer to the highlighted articles below.

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Looking to start an herb garden? Installing a garden window could be the perfect solution. With a wide variety of styles available, you're sure to find one that fits your budget and your home. These windows are most often found in kitchens, above the sink. This shouldn't limit your plans, however, as garden windows add space, let in more light, and allow you to grow plants indoors all year without having to worry about Jack Frost cutting your growing season short.

This popular window style has been given many updates over the years. Whether you're looking for a completely fixed design, something more versatile, or a contemporary look, finding a garden window to meet your needs is easy. All garden windows are designed for growing plants indoors. This means that they have removable beds on the bottom for easy clean up if you over-water or for when a plant gets tipped over accidentally. Many windows of this style are equipped with extra shelving to allow maximum gardening potential. If you want something ultra-contemporary, curved panes cut down on unsightly framing that blocks light.

Airflow shouldn't be sacrificed just so you can garden. Most garden windows have an angled, awning-style window topping them off. Other styles come sided with vertical sliders or casement windows, in addition. Because they project outward from your home, these windows add space and help open up the feel of a room. Not only adding space and greenery to a room, garden windows are an energy-efficient choice, with ample opportunity for installing a little extra insulation around the edges.

Do you want to enhance your kitchen? Garden window designs have unique designs and serve many purposes. Garden windows are typically used in the kitchen above your sink. Garden window ideas, when incorporated into your kitchen, provide additional space and allow a lot of natural light into the room.

The type of window used in garden window designs has a base which is made up of a type of moisture-resistant material. This protects the area from being affected by the pots which have water in them. Thus even though we place pots with water in these windows, they are not going to affect the area.

Garden window ideas are perfect to consider for your home as these windows are made from very durable and maintenance free vinyl material. Garden windows add beauty to your home, and they are very stylish. They add a touch of charm as well and create a perfect spot for your small indoor plants to thrive.

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