Vertical Sliding Windows

January 26, 2009

You want to leave the window open, but you've got a toddler who likes to press up against screens, an unnerving habit, especially on the second story. Maybe it's a cat or a dog that's a fan of testing your screen strength, whatever the case, double-hung windows have a unique advantage over other sliders: if you so choose, you open the top half of the window, rather than the bottom, making the opening out of the reach for would-be window jumpers. In most cases, double-hung windows are installed as vertical, not horizontal, sliders. They have two sashes that slide independently of each other, which allows for the complete control of airflow.

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Double-hung windows can come with a variety of hardware options, allowing for maximum versatility. The simplest and most popular choice for this window style consists of the two, separate, vertically-sliding sashes. For easy cleaning, these sashes can be made to facilitate their removal from the frame. The newest advancement in double-hung-window hardware allows the top sash to angle outward. It doesn't open as much as an awning window, but the added ventilation and the versatility could make double-hung windows just the replacement you were looking for.

This window style is a very efficient space saver. In places where windows that open outward are not an option, double-hung windows come to the rescue. This gives them the advantage over casement and awning windows, even though you can only open half of the available area at a time. Double-hung windows have been in use for hundreds of years. They come in a vast array of styles and have many functions to choose from, making them a great choice for any home.

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