Ultimate Double Hung Magnum 
by Marvin

Ultimate Double Hung Magnum
  • 4 9/16" (116 Mm) Jambs
  • All-wood Brick Mould Casing (wood units)
  • Bare Wood Interior
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Extruded aluminum clad exterior (clad only)
  • Full Screen
  • Installation Hardware
  • One-Lite Low E
  • Prepped For Jamb Installation
  • Satin Taupe Sash Lock
  • One-Lite Low E
Product Options and Materials
Available Glass Types
  • Bronze Tinted Glass
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Green Tinted Glass
  • Grey Tinted Glass
  • Historic
  • Insulating Glass
  • Insulating Low E II Glass (with or without argon)
  • Laminated Glass
  • Obscure Glass
  • Seeded
  • Tempered Glass
  • Wavy
  • Single Glazing with Removable Energy Panel (wood units only)
Wood Grain Types
  • Cedro Macho
  • Cherry
  • Douglas Fir
  • Mahogany
  • Pine
  • Primed Wood
  • Vertical Grain Douglass Fir
  • White Oak
Available Paint Colors
Arctic White
Bahama Brown
Cadet Grey
Cascade Blue
Cobalt Blue
Coconut Cream
Cumulus Grey
Desert Beige
French Vanilla
Hampton Sage
Pebble Grey
Sherwood Green
Sierra White
Stone White
Grille Details
Grille Options, Patterns, and Sizes
  • Authentic Divided Lite
  • Checkrail
  • Checkrail T
  • Cottage A
  • Cottage B
  • Cottage T
  • Grilles Between the Glass
  • Oriel
  • Prairie 4 Bottom Left
  • Prairie 4 Bottom Right
  • Prairie 4 Top Left
  • Prairie 4 Top Right
  • Prairie 6 Bottom
  • Prairie 6 Left Hand
  • Prairie 6 Right Hand
  • Prairie 6 Top
  • Prairie 9A
  • Prairie 9B
  • Prairie Checkrail
  • Removable Grilles
  • Simulated Divided Lite
  • Simulated Divided Lite With Spacer Bar
  • Trellis Horizontal
  • Trellis Vertical
  • Victorian
  • Victorian Prairie
Installation Accessories
  • Drip Cap
  • Installation Brackets
  • Masonry Clips
  • Sash Removal/Installation Tool
  • Vinyl Nailing Fins (Standard)
  • Masonry Clips
Window Screens
Screen Options
  • A combination unit is composed of two glass panels and one screen panel.
  • Black Aluminum Wire
  • Bright Aluminum Wire
  • Bright Bronze Wire
  • Charcoal Aluminum Wire
  • Charcoal Fiberglass
  • Energy Panel
  • Full Screen
  • Half Screen
  • Hi Transparency Mesh
  • Two-Lite Wood Storm Sash Or Screen
  • One of the glass panels slides behind the other for self storage when the screen is in use.
  • Panels can be configured multiple ways to accommodate season or preference: glass above screen, screen above glass or glass above glass.
  • Panels can be easily removed from the interior for cleaning
Exterior Casing
  • Brick Mould Casing Compatible With Subsills
  • Columbus Casing compatible with subsills
  • Custom Casing
  • Flat Casing Compatible With Subsills
  • Grayson Casing Compatible with subsills: A1450, A1451, A1452, A1453
  • Kinsley Casing Compatible with subsills: A1450, A1451, A1452, A1453
  • Ridgeland Casing Compatible With Subsill: A1453
  • Stratton Casing Compatible With Subsills: A1452, A1453
  • Thorton Casing Compatible With Subsills: A1450, A1452, A1453
  • Potter Casing Compatible with subsills: A217, A246, A1450, A1451, A1452, A1453

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