Finding the Best Andersen Double Hung Windows

July 23, 2010

A basic sliding window is a master of simplicity. You have the great view you want but the versatility of opening the window to allow the fresh air in. However, sliding windows usually open from the bottom, and that means children and pets can lean against the screens. What if that screen gives way?

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When choosing new windows, keep safety and convenience in mind. Double hung windows can provide all the beauty and ease of use you expect from a sliding window, but offer peace of mind as an added bonus!

Advantages of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows open from both sides, the top and the bottom, in order to give you more control over airflow and security. Opening a window from the top means that children and small pets can't get to the screen, a significant advantage in replacement windows on the second or third floors!

Some double hung windows have the added option of a top panel that can swing outward, much like an awning window would. This not only makes it easier to clean the window, but also offers much-improved air flow. In some more advanced windows, both panels can swing open like awning windows do, and the sashes can be removed from the window for even easier cleaning.

Andersen double hung windows offer the ease of maintenance you want, as well as the options for air flow and the security you need. Andersen offers highly durable replacement windows with long-term warranties, as well as the freedom to choose different colors or styles for the interior and exterior of the window.

There is a wide selection of grilles to choose from, as well as insect screens that employ TruScene technology, making them almost invisible to the naked eye while still providing the protection and durability you have come to expect.

Andersen double hung windows also offer the company's standard innovations in glass, including Low-E4 panes that provide excellent energy-efficiency and UV protection. From air flow to security to energy-efficiency, Andersen has the clear advantages you want to see in your replacement windows!

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