Double Hung Wood Windows: Traditional Appearance and Modern Convenience

January 08, 2010

Double hung wood windows may recall childhood memories, but today's versions of an old favorite provide more style options and easier maintenance. Double hung wood windows are constructed in two pieces (called sashes) with the bottom half opening upward. In some styles, the top half may lower to provide additional ventilation. Double hung wood windows compliment traditional architecture and decor, but can also be used to accent or contrast contemporary style and decor.

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Today's Double Hung Wood Windows: Chief Benefits

  • Multiple style options: You can find double hung wood windows in many shapes including arched tops, rectangular, and square. Window frames can vary from sleek contemporary to ornate. You can select double hung windows with aluminum clad exteriors and wooden interiors, or windows with frames completely constructed from wood.
  • Easy care: if you ever tried to clean old double hung wood windows from indoors, you'll appreciate the new designs that allow window sashes to tilt inward for cleaning. Mullions stationed between glass panels further ease the chore of washing windows.
  • Energy savings: Double hung wood windows are available in insulated window styles that preserve your interior climate while protecting against drafts, moisture, and heat.
  • Choose your colors: You can order double hung wood windows with raw or finished frames. Some styles may be finished on the exterior, with raw wood on the interior. You can achieve different effects by painting or applying wood stain to your window frames.

Double hung wood windows provide plenty of ventilation while adding the warmth of wood to your home. Added benefits of insulated window construction and multiple styles can help you achieve the look you want while reducing energy costs.

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