Double Hung Windows offer Twice the Style

January 05, 2010

A double hung window is a traditional window with two parts in which the bottom portion slides up over the top portion for opening. They are typically installed within two grooves to allow each portion, or sash, to operate independently. Each sash is provided with springs, balances, or compression weather stripping to hold it in place in any position. This is the most traditional and popular style of window on the residential market.

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Double hung windows are typically used in a home to offer the most traditional style of window. They've been a perennial favorite of homeowners for their timeless appeal and rich tradition. The most popular double hung windows traditionally offer top sashes with individual window panes. Since individual panes of glass can lead to reduced energy efficiency, sometimes the look is substituted with a single expanse of glass with a grille that simulates the look.

While some double hung windows open only from the bottom, meaning the bottom sash slides up, other options allow the top sash to be pulled down. This is preferable in multi level homes as the bottom opening can be accessed by children and pets and can present a safety issue.

If your home has double hung windows, make sure to always keep the bottom sash locked. This not only keeps intruders out, but your pets and children in. It's an important safety issue that should be addressed when choosing replacement windows for your home.

Double hung windows offer a timeless appeal and traditional look to homeowners. They've been popular for well over 100 years, so you can bet this style will continue to endure for at least another century or two!

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