Common Double-Hung Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Replacing drafty windows with double-hung windows allow for custom fitting, energy-savings and easy cleaning. Double-hung windows, which open vertically with a sash that slides up and down, come prefabricated and ready to install.

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Double-hung window sizes vary from small bathroom windows to panoramic picture windows. Most homes are built to specific standards and codes. Window manufacturers have come up common double-hung window sizes complying with homebuilding codes and sizes.

Ordering replacement windows can be as easy as ordering from a catalog or shopping at your local DIY store. Pre-sized units come in standard sizes from 24 to 48 inches wide by 36 to 72 inches high. Usually older homes needing replacements measure irregular. Custom double-hung sizes can also be manufactured for non-standard windows.

Measuring for Double-Hung Windows

Width dimensions measured from jack stud to jack stud are known as the rough opening. Height dimensions are calculated from the bottom of the header to the top of the rough sill. If you are unsure about the double-hung window sizes for your rough opening or how to properly install the product, consult a licensed window contractor.

Double-Hung Window Pricing

Before placing your order for double-hung windows, make sure to measure twice, especially for custom-fit orders. An exact quote should come from your contractor or window dealer. When considering double-hung window manufacturers, remember the price per window does not usually include grilles, screens, installation, taxes or delivery. A basic white vinyl double-hung window sized at 24 by 48 inches runs under $150. Of course, different brands, styles, color, materials, and non-standard sizes will affect the price. Common double-hung window sizes make it easy for homeowners to measure, order and install replacements with confidence.

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