Window Shades for Double-Hung Windows

October 11, 2010

Window shades are an easy and effective way to add privacy to your home while also blocking out the harsh summer sun which can damage your furniture and wake you up at the crack of dawn. Installing window shades for double hung windows and other common window styles, is pretty straightforward and requires only a tape measure, hammer, and pencil.

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Here's How To Install Inset Window Shades for Double-Hung Windows:

  1. Measure the inside dimensions of the window frame, which is the distance from inside face to inside face, both vertically and horizontally.
  2. Purchase a cut-to-fit roller shade from a home improvement warehouse or building center. They will cut the shade approximately one half inch shorter than the width of your window frame to accommodate for the mounting hardware.
  3. The roller shade will come with two inset mounting brackets: one will have a round support hole and the other will have a flat support slot.
  4. With the shade rolled up, position the shade along the top, inside face of the window frame. Because double-hung windows can open from both the top and the bottom, make sure that the shade will not interfere with the closing and the opening of the window.
  5. Using a pencil, mark the location for each mounting support bracket. Note whether the round hole bracket needs to be on the left or the right. Using the supplied nail and a hammer, install the round hole bracket at the previously marked location on the window frame.
  6. Next, install the slotted support bracket on the other side of the window frame, making sure that the brackets are the same distance down from the top of the window frame, as this ensures that the shade will sit level and function properly.
  7. Place the rolled shade into the support brackets by inserting the round hole side first, and then the slotted flat side.

Now that you have successfully installed the window shade, make sure that it operates correctly and fully covers the window when pulled down.

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