Window Blinds for Double-Hung Windows

October 11, 2010

Double-hung windows are a popular option for new and replacement windows. Some models feature an upper panel that opens or slides for easy cleaning and improved airflow. Venetian blinds are an economical option for the windows, as are wood slat blinds and privacy-protecting blackout blinds.

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Choosing Window Blinds for Double-Hung Windows

Blinds can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, depending on your preference and space constraints. Double hung shutters give you the option of full privacy, plus the option to open only the top or bottom shutter. Cafe shutters are similar, covering only the lower portion of the window and allowing you to hang curtains over the top half of the window.

Top Down Bottom Up Blinds for Double-Hung Windows

When installing blinds for double-hung windows that move independently at the top and bottom of the window, you may wish for blinds to only cover the center or lower portion, offering air flow and privacy along with some light at the top. Because of this, popular window blinds for double-hung windows are top down, bottom up blinds. The shades can range in price from $40 for standard sized windows to $800 and more for custom designs.

Window opening control devices can also make a difference in how you install your window blinds. Explore different styles and manufacturers, and be sure you choose a style of blinds that makes it easy to enjoy the function and beauty of your double-hung windows.

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