The Clear Advantage of the Double Hung Window

January 06, 2010

Double hung windows are the traditional window that sets the standard for all other styles. Double hung windows are two panels of glass within a frame that operate within grooves of the frame. Typically they're opened by sliding the bottom portion over the top. Each portion is commonly called the window sash.

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Modern versions of the double hung window often allow the sashes to tilt so both sides can be cleaned easily. Other updates that have made this the clear favorite for windows are the multitude of materials that are available to suit every budget, style and need.

Wood Double Hung Windows

The traditional favorite of the window purist, wood is also the real deal look that other materials try to mimic. Wood windows have a sturdier feel to them, but they tend to need more maintenance. One sticking point of wood windows, wood can swell from heat or moisture, making them difficult to open and close.

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Vinyl windows tend to be the most affordable option in replacement windows. Vinyl doesn't offer the warmth of wood, nor the sturdy, rigid feel you would prefer in a window, although the latest generation of vinyl replacement windows offers more in the way of rigidity and stability when quality window frames are purchased.

Aluminum Double Hung Windows

While wood and vinyl take up much of the residential window market, aluminum framed windows still have their fans. Aluminum is a good, rust resistant, sturdy material. Its drawback is that it tends to conduct heat more than the other materials. Aluminum windows tend to work best in mild, moist climates.

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