Double the Advantage of the Double Hung Window

December 23, 2009

Double hung windows are the clear winner of the residential window market. But how do you decide on the best bet for choosing a window for your home? We consulted the venerable Consumer Reports organization which offers objective findings to consumers to help them make the most informed buying decisions.

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Consumer Reports' findings were surprising. They tested major brands of windows by subjecting each to a week's worth of extreme temperature swings to make their components contract and expand to measure the effect on performance. They reported that wood, both vinyl and aluminum clad, and fiberglass framed windows topped their list of window frames in terms of efficiency and durability.

Fiberglass double hung replacement windows are making quite a name for themselves in the residential market. While the initial cost tends to be higher than wood or vinyl windows, they're efficiency and durability tends to make it a worthy investment in the long run.

Fiberglass is the strongest material for frames while offering the insulating properties of wood. Because of the strength of fiberglass, it makes it particularly advantageous with larger windows that need to hold larger expanses of glass. It also is an important characteristic if you're considering investing in more energy efficient glass, such as double paned or even tripled paned glass.

While the fiberglass window frame is quite strong, it's also lightweight and low maintenance. Fiberglass replacement windows are getting noticed in the residential window market. While their cost may be a larger initial investment, they add value and energy efficiency to the home to make it a worthwhile investment.

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