Going Full Circle with Circle-Top Windows

January 03, 2010

Circle top windows offer a rich history and an elegant, traditional look. They are normally used above rectangular casement and double hung windows to create the look of an arch top window, but the individual window units result in a more upscale, customized look.

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It's worth investing in upgraded circle top windows to make the most of this upscale look. Using grilles gives the more traditional look of individual panes of glass for a richer look to the window. Unfortunately, since these windows are normally up and out of reach, the grilles can be difficult to maintain. Window manufacturers have found a solution in using interior grilles in circle top windows. They situate the grille between double paned glass to not only reduce maintenance, but eliminate it.

The shape of the grille can have a big impact on the look of the window. A fan shaped grill brings a more traditional look to the window. In fact, Victorian windows that were the forefathers of this look were termed fan light windows.

Quarter circle windows, basically round top windows cut in half, can be used in conduction with round top windows to bring an upscale look with multiple arches atop a casement window. The look is typically used in larger expanses of windows such as in a two story living room.

Use multiple window units grouped together to add a customized style to windows and architecture. Many window manufacturers will help you put together just the right combination to suit your space, giving a custom look to standard windows without the custom price tag.

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