Clearing Confusion with Circle Top Windows

January 04, 2010

If you are considering a circle top window to add another dimension to your window units, make sure you know what you want. In other words, terminology can vary and be confusing even to the pros, so make sure you're using terms correctly to avoid costly mistakes.

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Circle top windows have also been called transom windows. A transom is the top beam of a door or window, and the transom window is set directly above it. Technically, a circle top window is a transom window when used above a self contained door or window.

Circle top windows are in a group of windows called radius windows. Radius windows all have an arc that makes up at least a portion of the window. Circle tops windows are shaped just as the name implies, the top half of a circle with curved sides. Other styles that make up radius windows that you should be familiar with are:

  • Arch Top Windows: Arch top windows have a circular top and straight sides. They are often incorrectly termed circle top windows.
  • Quarter Round Top Windows: These windows are normally used in addition to circle top windows and can create a multi-arched look that reminds one of elegant antique stained glass church windows. They're basically circle top windows cut in half.
  • Eyebrow Windows: Eyebrow windows are elliptical windows. Rather than a half circle, the window is the top half of an oval. On wider expanses of windows, where a perfectly round top may take up too much height, an elliptical or eyebrow window can be used.
  • Round Top Window: A round top window can not only be a circle top window, but it can include arch top and eyebrow windows. Make sure to not use this term interchangeable with round top windows.

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