Complete the Look with Circle Top Windows

January 26, 2009

The arch has been used in architecture since those champions of design, the Romans, perfected it. When it comes to windows, nothing tops off the average rectangle like a circle top. Sometimes called circlehead or round top, circle top windows come in a variety of styles and are almost always fixed in place. Installing circle top windows under peaked roofs eliminates the empty space, while letting in more light and adding to the overall style of your home.

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Available in full, half, and quarter rounds, elliptical variations, inverted corners; gothic shapes, eyebrows, and more, these windows can be paired with nearly any other type of window. Various grids, grilles, and framing options--such as vertically, horizontally, or diagonally oriented dividing bars--exist as well. A simple sunburst pattern could be just the accent your bedroom window needed to let you admire the view in its entirety. Perhaps an intricate pattern of interconnecting arches is in order to complement the rest of your home's modern façade. The bottom line here is that angled window shapes don't always fit the bill. Where they fail, circle top windows often succeed brilliantly.

Circle top windows are most often found offering their finishing touches to large picture windows or capping rows of segmented windows to pull the look together. The only real downside to this classy addition is that the windows are so eye-catching, you may find that passersby are looking at them as often as you're looking out. Treat yourself and your home to the heightened elegance and style of circle top windows.

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