Circle Top Windows Finish the Look of your Other Windows

January 02, 2010

Circle top windows are just the ticket to adding design dimension to casement windows or double hung windows. Circle top windows are generally placed over rectangular windows to add additional interest and design to the area - not to mention additional light. Typically circle top windows are more decorative elements, as they tend to be fixed windows and do not open or close.

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The circle top window is often mistakenly termed an arch top window, but in an arch top window, the sides are straight and only the top portion is curved. In a circle top window, as the name would indicate, all sides are curved as it is shaped as the top half of a circle.

Typically circle top windows are used to achieve an overall look to a multi window unit or an arrangement of windows. In more modern homes that offer the popular two story living rooms, the circle top window is used over fixed or casement windows to bring a more elegant, finished look to the large expanse of windows.

Some of the major window manufacturers only offer a circle top window set in a multi unit frame as part of a unit to slip seamlessly into a single rough opening to give the look of multiple windows being used. It can actually be a bit of a chore to a find a standalone circle top window all by its lonesome self.

If you need to replace a circle top window in a multi unit window frame, make sure doing so does not void the warranty to your windows. Window manufacturers are happy to stand behind their products, but not when other products may be installed incorrectly within them.

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