Common Circle-top Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Circle-top windows are a stylish addition to most modern homes, but since they are an unusual shape you'll need to make sure you get the size you want before reshaping your window openings. There is a range of common sizes, but you can also choose to install custom-made circle-top windows as well.

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Most Common Circle-Top Window Sizes

Unlike standard square or rectangular windows, your home may or may not come with circle-top windows pre-installed. Still, most homes are built for customization, and you can take advantage of a wide range of circle-top window sizes that can be installed by modifying your existing window spaces. Window dealers offer different sizes for this purpose, but they also offer custom sizes for unique situations.

What is the typical range? Most manufacturers make circle-top windows that are between 24 inches and 72 inches wide, with a height between 14 and 38 inches. Keep in mind that these dimensions are usually for a window that is placed above a rectangular or square window of equal width.

Common sizes for circle-top windows in basements or garden apartments are usually on the smaller side of those dimensions, and they are usually decorative. In any case, it's important to research local building codes to make sure your plans for circle-top windows adhere to local standards.

Custom Circle-Top Window Sizes

Windows manufacturers can offer up to 1,000 custom sizes of circle-top windows. If you can't find the size you'd like, consider using two quarter-circle-top windows side-by-side to offer the illusion of width, and add window treatments to complete the picture.

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