Window Shades for Circle-top Windows

October 11, 2010

Circle-top windows can add flare to your home décor, but also can get a little tricky when choosing shades. Just like the rest of your windows, you must take into consideration energy efficiency, light, privacy, and materials to fit your budget.

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Research what fabrics are available for your arched window and then choose complementary shades for other windows. You don't want to order custom-fits only to find matching shades aren't made for your circle-top window.

A perfect arch is when the measurement of the height is exactly half of the width. Not all circle-tops are perfect arches so contact the manufacturer for guidelines.

How to Measure for a Circle-Top Windows:

  • Use a steel tape measure for accuracy.
  • Measure the width by height in inches, not feet.
  • Double-check all measurements. Manufacturers do not accept returns for incorrect sizes.
  • Measure to the nearest one-eighth inch. Round down if you're not sure.

Shutters solve the problem beautifully, but are a little pricey depending on materials such as wood, faux wood or PVC. The louvers or slats create a stationary sunburst design, while some are movable to control the about of sunlight.

Simple redi-made pleated shades are elegant yet affordable, although may not offer the highest energy efficiency or light filtering. They are excellent alternative to cellular shades when working on a budget.

Cellular window shades for circle-top windows offer smooth and textured material from sheer to opaque, in a single cell construction. Gently filtering natural light, soft but durable fabrics maintain privacy and heat efficiency.

Circle-top windows can offer a design challenge. But the perfect window shades for circle-top windows pulls together any home or office room.

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