Top Circle-top Window Materials

October 11, 2010

Circle-top windows, sometimes called circle heads or round tops, are a classic addition to the rectangular window or door. Since circle-top windows are meant to complement the existing window or door, choosing circle-top window materials of the same type as that of the window is usually the best way to go.

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Top Circle-Top Windows Materials

Fortunately, most circle-top windows are available in the same materials that you use for the regular windows in your home. But since they don't open, you don't have to worry as much about energy-efficiency. These are the most common circle-top window materials you will find at the showroom:

  • Wood. The graceful lines of a circle-top window make wood a natural choice for circle-top window materials. Wood can be painted any color to match your existing windows and interior decor.
  • Vinyl. Affordable and very easy to maintain, vinyl can be ordered to match the color of your existing windows. However, to ensure a perfect match in colors, ordering your circle-top window materials at the same time you order your other windows is the best way to go.
  • Fiberglass and Composites. Many circle-top window materials can be customized to suit your needs. Though they might be pricier than other options, fiberglass and composite materials can be molded to suit any design you might have in mind.
  • Wood Clad. One of the top circle-top windows materials is wood clad. These windows have the warmth and versatility of wood on the inside while offering the durable, maintenance free advantages of aluminum or vinyl on the outside.

Look to your existing windows to choose the appropriate circle-top window materials for your new addition. The effect should be both seamless and stunning.

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