Top Circle-Top Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Few things make as much a difference in the overall look of a home as the windows. Because of this, a replacement window project can provide an opportunity to spruce up the look of your home. In addition to improving the look of your home, you can also benefit from the improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance requirements of today's modern windows.

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One way to add visual appeal is by installing circle-top windows above your existing windows. Circle-top windows get their name because they are a half circle, with the flat end on the bottom, and are installed on top of existing windows.

Circle-Top Window Advantages

Circle-top windows are typically installed above casement or fixed windows. This multiple window effect adds visual detail to the home. With their additional glass panes, circle-top windows allow more light into the home. Because they are primarily an architectural detail, and are installed in inaccessible locations above other windows, circle-top windows are not designed to open. Circle-top windows can be made of a single glass pane, multiple panes, or a single pane with a screen designed to look like a multiple pane window.

Top Circle-Top Windows Colors

Circle-top windows colors should work with those of the other windows, as well as your home's overall color palette. In most cases this means circle-top windows should be the same color as the other windows. Top circle-top windows colors range from the very light through the darker end of the spectrum. As an example, Andersen windows circle-top windows colors include "Pine" or "White" for interiors and "White," "Sandstone," "Terratone," or "Forest Green" for exteriors. Circle-tops from Marvin Windows are available in three natural wood exterior finishes, primed wood, and nineteen color choices for clad windows.

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