Window Blinds for Circle-top Windows

October 11, 2010

Circle-top windows, also known as half round windows, offer a unique eye-catching option to plain rectangular windows. Sashes, curtains, swags, and shades are all possible options, but blinds can offer the most coverage with a cleaner look than fabric.

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If you'd like to create temporary window blinds for circle-top windows, peel-and-stick window shades are available to fit some models and sizes. The peel-and-stick variety installs in seconds without brackets or screws, fanning out at the top of the window. This type of blind requires that a flat surface be available at the arching point of the window.

Honeycomb Window Blinds for Circle-Top Windows

The blinds are also known as cellular arches or honeycomb arches, because of the single- or double-cell pleat which forms a cell or honeycomb and is known for its effective insulation and light-blocking power. Prices range from $18 to upwards of $250 for custom blinds. Single-cell shades are more cost effective, but double-cell pleats block out more light and offer more protection. Ballpark price estimates are based on current trends and could increase or decrease over time.

High-End Circle-Top Window Blinds

Taking a step up the price ladder from single- and double-cell shades are wooden blinds designed for circle-top windows. The blinds are custom sized wood arches featuring either stationary or movable slats, making it simple to provide permanent shade or customized cover, all with a look that offers attractive curb appeal. Wooden circle-top window blinds can range in price from $100 for faux wood through $400 for larger, custom-made blinds.

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