Window Accessories for Circle-top Windows

October 11, 2010

First off, know that circle-top windows come with a lot of variations before you add accessories. From full, half, and quarter rounds to unusual gothic shapes, customizing your window starts with choosing the precise shape you want. Most circle-top windows are fixed, meaning they don't open or close, but you can outfit your window with moving parts if you'd prefer. From there, many homeowners choose to leave their circle-top windows unadorned. If you're looking for extra shade and style, read on.

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Top Window Accessories for Circle-top Windows

If you're looking to control the light you bring into your space, explore window accessories for circle-top windows. Here are just a few examples of popular ways to shade your window:

  • BioArch: Individual slats can be moved in this customizable satinwood arch.
  • Cellular: The honeycomb shape arches around the center, creating a sunburst pattern.
  • Double Cell: These are like cellular blinds, but with more reinforcement and light-blocking power.

While vertical and horizontal blinds offer another option, most homeowners go with an arch pattern that shows off the shape of the window itself.

Blinds Prices for Circle-top Windows

The price you pay for your circle-top blinds will depend on the brands you choose, your window size, and where you buy the blinds themselves. Here are a few sample prices for a 36"x36" circle-top window:

  • BioArch: $160-$180
  • Cellular: $70-$80
  • Double Cell: $90-$100

The above prices are a ballpark estimate based on current trends. Explore window blinds manufacturers for detailed prices and more products that can help finish your circle-top windows.

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