Five Reasons to Choose Casement Windows

July 11, 2009

With Tudor revival and other traditional home styles enjoying popularity, it's becoming more common to see casement windows on new homes. You may not realize that casement windows could have an impact on your own home renovation project. Experts suggest five more reasons to consider these classic panes and frames as your next set of replacement windows.

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1. A tighter seal. Although most new replacement windows are energy efficient, the basic design of casement windows boasts a strong compression seal. When closed and secured, the windows form a waterproof, airtight lock that reduces your home heating and air conditioning bills.

2. Triple glazing. Home renovation experts often recommend triple glazed glass in replacement windows. This treatment blocks out heat and, in many cases, UV rays. While too heavy for some replacement windows, casement windows can handle triple glazed glass just fine.

3. Great ventilation. The simple design of casement windows allows for a nice breeze. Popping your windows open at least once a day can also reduce the chance of mold growth. Some home renovation contractors motorize casement windows and connect them to automated climate control systems.

4. Less costly to replace. Although casement windows can be slightly more expensive than other replacement windows, you can save money over the long run if you live in a neighborhood prone to storms or to little leaguers. The smaller panes in casement windows are far less likely to shatter than bay windows or bow windows.

5. Add your own style. You can create a unique look for your home by mixing clear glass with panes of stained or patterned glass in your casement windows.

When you speak with replacement window contractors, ask them to show you how casement windows can potentially save you money while adding style to your home's exterior.


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