Upgrade the Style of the Casement Window

January 01, 2010

Casement windows offer unobstructed views and expansive openings that can make the most of waterfront living. But some consider the casement window to be a modern, more contemporary style of a window. There are options and upgrades to casement windows that can make them slip more seamlessly into your home's style, not to mention function.

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While grilles on the interior or exterior of the window can bring the style of the casement window into a more traditional setting, the upkeep of the grille in hard to reach windows can be prohibitive. Consider a grille that's placed between double paned glass for not just low maintenance, but no maintenance.


To maximize the light that casement windows offer while providing an element of privacy, consider a patterned glass upgrade that brings both to the table. While frosted glass has typically been the only option, new offerings in privacy glass can add anything from a waterfall effect to a distorted swirl affect to open a new window to privacy options.

Low E Glass

Low E glass is a thin, microscopic coating that's added to glass to make it more energy efficient. It also filters out the sun's harmful ultra violet rays that can cause sun fade to fabrics and furnishings. An added benefit to Low E glass is that it helps prevent streaking and spotting to glass, making maintenance easier as well. Low E glass is a good upgrade for bow windows that can pay for itself over time in energy savings.

Casement windows offer much in the way of light and views, and with upgrades that suit your home's style and function needs, they can add value as well.

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