Tri-Bridex 950 Windows 
by Durabuilt

Tri-Bridex 950 Windows
Warranty: Durabuilt's hybrid windows come with an industry-leading Lifetime Limited Warranty on the extruded PVC components, a Ten Year Limited Warranty on the Aluminum Colour and a 20 Year Limited Warranty on the glass sealed unit
  • Advanced Water Drainage System
  • Aluminum Nail Fin For Ease Of Installation
  • Beige Pvc Interior
  • Compression, Triple-Weather Seal
  • Eight modern exterior aluminum colours with paint finish baked on enamel
  • Interior Glazing
  • One Piece, 6 1/2" All-In-One Aluminum/Pvc/Wood Frame
  • Reno brickmould comes with optional snap-on cover
  • Wood jamb extension directly mounted to PVC Stain grade Fir wood interior
Available Paint Colors
Anodized Aluminum
Commercial Brown
Midnight Blue
Tile Red

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