Making a Case for Casement Windows

December 30, 2009

A casement window is a window unit that is 'hinged' on the side and opens in the same manner as a door, although it has more of a pivot action than a door. And just like a door, the window can open on either side according to need. Usually a mechanism such as a crank is used to open casement windows.

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Casement windows tend to offer the full benefit of a wider opening, unlike the typical double hung window that only opens halfway from the top or bottom or a slider that can only open partway as well. If making the most of ventilation is an important issue, casement windows are the window of choice for you.

Casement windows also tend to offer more in the way of security. They offer multiple point locking systems that are embedded in the frames, leaving them nearly untouchable from the exterior of the home. On the other hand, typical windows such as sliders and double hung windows, offer too much access to the tracks and locking points to offer the most in security.

These open access windows are normally chosen as options to offer unobstructed views. In particular, waterfront homes use expansive casement windows to make the most of the scenery while maximizing ocean and bay breezes.

One area of concern for casement windows is their use with small children and pets in upper levels of the home. The large, open expanse that casement windows offer could be hazardous if children have access to the window. Consider measures that will limit the opening and thus the danger on upper levels.

Casement windows offer the most for your unobstructed viewing pleasure. Make sure they also offer safety in the process.

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