How to Install Casement Windows

October 11, 2010

Homeowners who have experience in carpentry and other household projects may want to save some money by installing casement windows themselves. Here is a quick overview of how to install casement windows.

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Installing Casement Windows in Seven Steps

1. Measure the framed opening carefully before ordering your window. The opening should be about an inch higher and wider than the new window

2. Use a 2-foot wide strip of felt paper to wrap the opening, wrapping into and over the sill and down the front of the wall. Do the same on the sides and top, overlapping on the corners.

3. Put a line of caulk around the window perimeter, and then set the window into the opening, centering it with equal amounts of space on either side. You will need a helper for this step.

4. Level the window across the bottom sill. Use wood shims as necessary. When it is level, fasten the window with one nail or wood screw at the top right corner.

5. Adjust the window side to side, making sure it is plumb and square. When it is, fasten the bottom right hand corner with a nail or wood screw.

6. Operate the window to make sure it opens and closes smoothly.

7. Finish fastening the window frame to the wall with nails or wood screws. If the casement is wood, apply a coat of primer followed by two coats of exterior latex paint.

Perform these simple steps, and any directions on how to install casement windows provided by the manufacturer, and you should find that installing casement windows is a relatively easy task.

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