How to Clean Casement Windows

October 11, 2010

Cleaning casement windows does not require any special solvents or materials. Regular commercial glass cleaner and paper towels will do. If you prefer not to use chemicals or just prefer natural household cleaners, then use white vinegar and newspapers. Some swear that this technique cures any window of unattractive streaking. Either way, make sure you completely dry the windows for best results.

Cleaning Casement Windows

Learning how to clean casement windows is easy, it just takes a little patience and elbow grease. Because casement windows are fully exposed to the elements when they are open, the edges can get grimy. Use a household cleaner to fully clean the outside edges of your casement all the way around. This will help to ensure that your casement windows close tightly and will make them last much longer.

Second-Story Casement Windows

Cleaning casement windows on the second story of your home can be challenging. Newer casement windows often include a special latch on the arm that allows the casement to move in about four to six inches from the window frame on the side where the sash pivots out. After cranking it open and adjusting this latch, you can reach out to clean the outside of the window.

If you have a very old home with the original windows, you might be wondering how to clean casement windows that do not have that fancy latch. Your best bet is a good ladder and/or a professional window cleaner. Don't squirt a hose full blast from your front yard up to a second-story window. Rain doesn't fall like that so you are may just squirt water onto your windowsill and damage the ledge.

Take the time to scrub with your preferred cleanser, check for any warping, and work with a professional on difficult-to-reach windows.

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