Casement Windows are your Swinging Window Option

December 31, 2009

Casement windows aren't your every day typical windows, they offer swinging action. That is, casement windows open and close by pivoting in the style of a door. This allows the casement window to take on a whole new dimension of design and style capabilities.

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Casement windows are typically a self contained unit. They can often be installed by slipping right into an existing window frame. While traditional casement windows were opened and closed using a crank mechanism, more modern styles can just be pushed open and pulled closed, eliminating the nuisance of the crank.

But actually, in some instances this crank comes in handy. For windows in hard to reach areas, such as a two story living room, casement windows can save the day. The cranking mechanism can offer an extendable handle to reach the otherwise unreachable windows so they become functional rather than fixed.

A major upgrade to the functionality of casement windows has been the new motorized option. Using an installed mechanical option and a wireless remote, the unreachable casement window can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. Some of these mechanical options can even close themselves in the event of a storm. Talk about convenience and functionality in a window!

If the single pane of glass normally offered in casement windows isn't to your style, a grille can be added to offer the look of a traditional multi-paned window. Since casement windows are often in hard to reach areas, consider a grille that's installed between double glass panes to avoid having to maintain the grille.

Casement windows are a self-contained solution that maximize views and ventilation, it's no wonder they have a reputation as the swingers of the window trade!

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