Window Shades for Casement Windows

October 11, 2010

Lots of people love their casement windows--they allow maximum air flow and open with the ease of a crank or lever. But, that same lever or crank can make finding the right window treatment a challenge. That's because it can interfere with blinds or shades.

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When choosing window shades you'll want to consider how your casement windows open and close. For windows that swing into a room, you'll want to find shades that can swing along. Sheer drapes are often a good choice with casement windows, since they are not stiff and will move easily, accommodating your casement window hardware, and allowing you to open and close your window more easily. A swooping valance on a swing rod attached your window shades can also work nicely with casement windows.

Options When Installing Window Shades Over Casement Windows

  • Outside mount: To avoid interference with screens, locks, and crank handles, consider mounting your shades on the outside of the window, on the trim.
  • Remove the crank: If you choose to inside mount for your shades (inside the trim), consider removing the crank. Hide it in a nearby drawer, and take it out when you need to open the window. However, if you use the window often, this may not be a good option.
  • T-handles: These handles are smaller than standard cranks and can mitigate the "bulge" that's created when window treatments hang in front of the crank. Many come with a serrated bore hole to adapt to the spindle.

Window shades vary widely in cost. They range in price from around $30 for bargain shades to upwards of $200 for custom shades. You can find window shades in just about any color of the rainbow, as well as in any material and design. Some homeowners prefer to have custom window shades made, choosing their own fabric and trim.

Because casement windows come with all sorts of cranks, hinges, and screens, finding the right window treatment is important. So, consider window shades for casement windows if you're looking to mix the convenience of casement windows with the clean lines of window shades.

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