Casement Window Installers and Contractors

October 22, 2010

If you are installing casement windows in your home, you want them to operate properly. Casement window installation can be a bit different than installing double-hung, single-hung, or sliding windows, so you want to hire a contractor who has experience as a casement window installer.

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Check Casement Window Contractors' Background and Credentials

  1. Get referrals--ask friends, neighbors, and people you work with, who have had casement window installation done in their homes
  2. Check background--the Better Business Bureau and local contractors' board will have information on complaints and their resolution as well as the general reputation of casement window contractors in your area
  3. Check credentials--make sure that any casement windows installers you consider are members of the Association of Window Dealers and Installers (AWDI). Only use an AWDI Certified Installer
  4. Get references--ask for a list of satisfied customers, and follow up with calls to them. If possible, visit their homes and inspect the quality of work. Ask them about the cost of their installations.
  5. Ask for a sample contract--check the terms and conditions, especially pricing, payment schedules, start and stop dates, and guarantees before executing a contract.

As a general rule of thumb, the labor cost to install an average-sized casement window should run around $100. Larger windows are likely to cost more. If you get bids that are significantly lower, be suspicious. By selecting the right casement window contractor, you can rest assured that the installation is done properly and last a long time.

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