Top Casement Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Casement windows can be a great option for your home. Certain colors are more commonly found than others, but it's possible to find casement windows to match almost any decor.

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Common Casement Window Colors

The most popular colors for casement windows will usually include white, cream, light brown, beige, and other neutral colors that are designed to fit into a majority of decors. These light colors also make for excellent painting and staining opportunities.

Casement window colors vary from one dealer to another. For instance, Andersen casement windows are available in numerous shades, from a very light white to a deep cocoa color. Harvey windows offers only three neutral interior shades, but offers over two dozen colors for the outside of the window, including Amazon Green, Wedgewood Blue, and Fire Engine Red.

Casement Window Colors: Decor Options for Practical Windows

Traditional windows open by sliding in tracks. Casement windows open with a crank that pushes the window outward at an angle. Casement windows are best suited for areas that have a tight or difficult reach, such as a small bathroom or window placed higher on the wall than usual.

Just as with any other window for your home, casement windows come in a wide variety of colors. The color on the interior of the window can match the exterior, if that is what your décor calls for. However, if you can't find the color you want, consider clad windows. Clad windows offer aluminum or vinyl on the outside, yet the warmth of wood on the inside. That wood can be painted any color you choose.

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