Top Casement Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Because casement windows open completely to allow maximum airflow, they're a popular choice for homeowners. In turn, many companies are ramping up their inventory and offering more options than ever. But, the sheer number of possibilities could spell confusion for even the savviest homeowner.

Andersen Casement Windows

Andersen casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward:

  • 200/400 Series: Includes wood interior, vinyl cladding, High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, and a reach-out lock that pulls the sash tightly against the frame--base price is about $400
  • Architectural: Includes above features plus unique sizes and shapes--base price is about $1,000
  • A Series: Includes above features plus pattern glass and trim options--pricing not available

Pella Casement Windows

Pella offers casement windows with one hinged sash that swings outward:

  • Encompass: Vinyl interiors with two frame colors, and grilles between-the-glass
  • Impervia: Fiberglass composite interiors with three frame colors, grill pattern choice, and color-matched screen frames
  • ProLine: Pine interiors, choice of eight exterior colors and three types of grilles
  • Designer Series: Pine interiors, between-the-glass window treatments, removable grilles, and snap-in technology for changing out windows
  • Architect Series: Wood interiors with the largest variety of shapes, sizes, exterior colors, and grille patterns

Talk with a Pella representative for pricing.

Marvin Casement Windows

Marvin offers two types of casement windows:

  • Ultimate Casement: Cranking handle that opens and closes the window from the side, insulating glass, sash lock, and wood interior--also includes removable interior covers, and access to both sides of glass from indoors
  • Ultimate Push-Out: Above features but, instead of a crank, turn the handle once to open the window

Internet pricing estimate is $600 depending on options.

These top casement window brands offer different quality windows, depending on price point, but all are highly regarded companies in the industry.

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