Window Accessories for Casement Windows

October 11, 2010

Because casement windows open inside and out (not up and down), they often come with lots of hardware and optional window accessories. These accessories are designed to improve function, appearance, and safety, and most won't break the bank.

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Functional Window Accessories for Casement Windows

If you're looking to improve the function of your casement windows during or after installation, consider some of the following handy accessories:

  • Auxiliary casing: Wood-core treated, water-repellent, and covered in vinyl
  • Extension jambs: Used to widen or increase the depth of the window jamb
  • Continuous drip caps: Keeps water from getting inside your window and causing wood rot
  • Sealant: Improves insulation and prevents water seepage

Window Accessories to Improve Appearance:

Because casement windows are so functional, appearance sometimes takes a back seat. Here are some accessories to improve your windows' appearance.

  • Extension jambs: Added to the interior jamb of a window to create a consistent wood transition between the window unit and interior trim
  • Replacement crank handles: Coordinate with room decor or avoid interference with blinds or drapes

Safety Window Accessories for Casement Windows

Perhaps the most important window accessories improve the safety of your casement windows:

  • Casement window fasteners: Mechanical device that allows you to fasten your window when closed
  • Sash lock: Locks the window in a closed position

Pricing for most window accessories varies with window type and accessory quality; however, most crank handles retail for around $10. Casement window fasteners range in price from about $6 to about $40.

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