Aluminum Casement Windows: What You Need to Know

August 02, 2010

Aluminum casement windows are a great option for many areas of the home, and they have enjoyed popularity among homeowners for many years. These durable yet unique replacement windows can be the perfect alternative to older wood and vinyl windows.

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Casement windows operate much the same way awning windows do. A crank on the inside of the window gradually opens it, allowing fresh air inside. While awning windows open from the bottom and swing upward, casement windows open from one side and swing open like a door. They are known for offering a great outside view, a flood of light, and ease of use in areas where traditional sliding window styles might be difficult to operate.

Casement windows come in all shapes and sizes, but are quite common in smaller sizes, such as those needed in basements. Aluminum casement windows can be specialized with bars or thicker panes of glass to discourage those who might want to break into a basement or other vulnerable area of your home.

How Casement Windows Work

Aluminum makes for durable and reliable windows, and professional window installation by a reputable window contractor assures that you will have minimal problems. Over time, however, casement windows might begin to show a few problems with the crank that opens them.

This can happen for many reasons, and all of them are relatively easy to fix. Dirt and dust might eventually make their way into the gears, or the lubrication around the gears might need a bit of freshening up.

Take care of the problem by lubricating the crank with silicone spray or other recommended lubricant. If that doesn't work, unscrew the crank mechanism for a thorough cleaning, then lubricate all parts before putting it back into the window.

If you're not sure about handling this on your own, it might be time to contact a window contractor to help you out. A little bit of maintenance from time to time will keep your casement replacement windows working well for decades to come!

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