Learn the Basics of Bow Windows

December 27, 2009

Bow windows are a more upgraded version of the typical bay window. Bow windows often feature curved glass making them more circular and seamless than a typical bay window. While bay windows tend to be made up of three windows which creates more angles, bow windows will use more windows in the mix to lessen the angles.

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Bow windows are designed with at least four windows arranged in a semi-circle. All of the individual windows could be used as operable windows; or alternatively the bow windows could be added as a fixed frame. The original bow window that was popular in 18th and 19th Century architecture was formed with fixed windows and incorporated curved glass.

Since bow windows project out from the wall, they're often used in rooms that need an additional dimension of light and space to the interior. On the exterior of the building, they add an additional element of style to the façade while creating a focal point.

Because the bow window is such a unique architectural element, it tends to be used in more distinctive and luxury homes. But new technology and manufacturing methods have made bow windows a more affordable architectural feature in many homes, and homeowners are finding that bow windows solve many design dilemmas.

While the bow window was a feature heavily used in period and traditional architecture, new updated styles are bringing bow windows to modern and contemporary settings as well. These styles demand the space, light and style that a bow window can offer in a room.

Bow windows have offered a distinguished architectural element to homes for over 200 hundred years. Consider adding this timeless style to add a distinctive upgrade to your home.

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