Bow Windows Go Well in Living Rooms, Sunrooms, and Bedrooms

December 28, 2009

Bow windows are used to open a room to light and space with their soft curve and elegant styles. Bow windows are the perfect complement to many settings to add an upgrade to both the interior and exterior of the home. But bow windows are particularly well suited to some areas of the home over others.

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Living Rooms

With their rich history dating back to the 18th Century European manor homes, bow windows project a timeless elegance that can add distinction to a formal living room. Multi-paned bowed windows tend to add a more traditional look to the room, while larger, single paned windows can take on a more modern appeal. With either option, you're certain to add light and space to the living room while creating a focal point that will not soon be forgotten.

Sun Rooms

Bow windows set the standard for the modern sunroom. Victorian conservatories made the best use of bow windows in 19th Century architecture, and this style can certainly make the transition to the 21st Century as well. Bow windows offer an incredible wealth of natural lighting, and with new, energy efficient bow windows, the room can be used year round.


Bow windows make the most of expansive views to offer 180 degree views. Take this design feature to the bedroom to ensure you wake up in style each and every day. While privacy is a concern, there are a number of modern window treatments for bow windows that can take on that decorating style, including motorized blinds and curtains.

Bow windows can slip seamlessly into many rooms to add distinguished elegance, not to mention light and space.

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