Verve and Versatility: Bow Windows

January 26, 2009

If a bay window doesn't quite fit your needs, the more versatile bow window might. Much like bay windows, bow windows can be used as replacement windows to open up and brighten a room. Because they lack the fixed center window, a prominent feature of bay windows, windows arranged in this style allow for more customization. Fixed windows can be used for each segment of the arc when the view is paramount. If your needs include airflow, however, opt for windows you can open throughout, or mix and match for a perfect combination of function and flair.

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Unlike their more angular cousin, the bay window, bow windows help break up the blocky appearance of a home both inside and out with their smooth arcs. This curvy nature comes in handy for windowing alcoves, allowing for panoramic views. If your goal is to use bow windows as replacements for a single, large window, keep in mind that some additional structural support may be required. Don't let this dissuade you. The increasingly wide range of window styles and the versatility of new materials can meet nearly any need.

Their rich history lends bow windows a classic elegance. This does not mean that bow windows appear dated and are only suited for historic home restoration projects, far from it. From Victorian to Modern, these windows adorn and accent all manner of architecture. Make the most of stunning views--let in the breeze and give your home that extra touch of class it deserves with bow windows.

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