Window Shades for Bow Windows

October 11, 2010

Like the bay, a bow window curves outward, but has more than three sections to create a gentle arc. Bow windows open up a room giving an airy feel and often are used to showcase a spectacular view. But your privacy and climate control should also be considered.

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Shades for Bow Windows

Shades add an environmental impact to a room, affecting the décor, light, and even temperature of your home. Window shades for bow windows can range from pre-sized redi-shades and vinyl rollups to cordless custom-fits and designer fabric shades. Custom sizes, materials, quality of light diffusion, energy efficiency, motorization, and UV protection raise the price tag.

Cellular shades are constructed of energy-saving hexagon air pockets. The more "honeycombs" there are, the more you can save on your heating and air conditioning bills. Pleated shades have become more popular due to efficiency, less than cellular shades, but are reasonably priced.

Roman shades come in hundreds of colors and designer fabrics and are more affordable because of popularity. Roller shades range from very basic white vinyl to UV-protective screens.

Tired of getting tangled in strings? Go cordless. Just push up or pull down into position. No cords provide a safer environment for children. Or control your blinds from afar with a remote.

If you are ordering custom fit window shades for bow windows, measure carefully. State the width then height in inches, not feet. Refunds usually are not offered for incorrect measurements, wrong fabric, or color selections. Round down to the nearest one-eighth inch for inside mounts and for outside mounts, round up.

Bow windows are elegant extensions of a room. Add your own sense of style while keeping the soft elegance of this versatile and classical window.

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