Top Bow Window Materials

October 11, 2010

Bow windows create a gentle curve outward from the exterior of your home, offering more light inside and more architectural detail outside. Bow window materials can include wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or a combination of them.

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Top Bow Windows Materials

The bow window materials you use should fit in with your decor and lifestyle. Here are the top options:

  • Vinyl. Affordable, easy to maintain, and easy to install, vinyl windows have become a mainstay for homeowners across the country. The rigid nature of the vinyl helps it stand up to the elements, and the manufacturing process adds color throughout, so the windows never have to be painted.
  • Aluminum. Lightweight yet very strong and easy to handle, aluminum is one of the most popular bow window materials on the market. With baked-on finishes and foam insulation inside, aluminum windows can be very energy-efficient.
  • Clad Wood. The warmth of wood on the inside but the strength and longevity of another material on the outside is what makes these windows unique. Clad wood can include various bow window materials, include vinyl, aluminum, steel, and more.
  • Wood. One of the most popular bow window materials on the market, the classic look and feel of wood is quite unique. Wood is a bit more expensive than most other materials and requires regular maintenance to keep looking great, but many homeowners find that the beauty is worth the trouble.

Your bow window materials should match well with the other windows on your home and project the look you want to convey. The classic lines of bow windows offer the added advantage of making any window material look great.

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