Bow Window Installers and Contractors

October 11, 2010

Bow windows add a classic touch to any home. Whether you're adding a set to a historic renovation or a modern masterpiece, the windows offer a classic way to introduce more light and surface area into your space.

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As you make your bow window budget, take the time to consider installation costs from professional installers and contractors. Because of their complexity, bow windows are typically much more expensive to install than their traditional counterparts.

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Explore installers and contractors near you for a better sense of the price range for your bow window installation. One bow window installer quotes the following prices for bow window installation:

  • Four unit bow: $950
  • Five unit bow: $1000
  • Bow roof structure: $325

Another installer quotes bow window prices at $1000 to $1500 and above. Keep in mind, these prices are installation only, not materials, meaning that you're additionally expected to pay for the window and accessories.

Varying Installation Prices for Bow Windows

Prices for bow windows installers and contractors vary significantly, not only by location and local cost of living, but also by factors like:

  • Window and wall size
  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Drywall or plaster modifications
  • Paint and stain work required

If you're working with a historic home, you should expect to pay even more for bow window installation due to the special precautions and materials installers will need to use.

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