Top Bow Window Colors

October 11, 2010

One of the best home remodeling projects to upgrade the look of your home is to install replacement windows. In addition to the potential energy savings and reduced maintenance advantages offered by today's windows, installing new windows gives you a chance to freshen the look of your home and increase the curb appeal.

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When you install new windows you don't always have to replace the old windows with exactly the same type of window. One choice that can improve the look of your home, add more living space, and let more light into the home, is the bow window.

Bow windows are related to, and often confused with, bay windows. While both bay and bow windows use multiple panes of glass that extend out from the home's exterior, the difference is that bay windows are arranged in an angular setting while bow windows are installed to create a smooth arch. The resulting bow window resembles a half circle. It protrudes from the house and allows for a better view through the window while creating more interior space.

Bow Window Advantages

Modern bow windows offer the advantages of other modern windows. The materials used require less maintenance than older windows. Many never need painting. They typically feature Low-E glass that reduces heating and cooling costs by reducing the amount of heat lost or admitted through the window glass.

Top Bow Window Colors

Bow windows are made in a variety of colors to work with most homes. The exact color choices vary by manufacturer. Top bow window colors range from the very light off-white or parchment to the darker browns or wood colors. Loewen bow windows feature extruded aluminum cladding designed to improve performance while reducing maintenance requirements. The cladding, which never needs painting, is available in 10 choices in their "Standard Palette" and 27 choices in their "Architectural Palette." Andersen bow window colors feature five exterior color choices and seven interior color choices. Other companies offer other bow window colors and some offer custom color mixing.

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