Window Blinds for Bow Windows

October 11, 2010

Once you've spent the money and time finding the perfect look for your home, it's important to choose window blinds that don't take away from the unique appearance of your bow windows. Find out how to choose the right window blinds for bow windows and learn more about the different styles that add your own personal touch to the look of your new or repleacement windows.

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Curved Headrails Offer Clean Lines

Consider hanging your blinds from curved headrails. The curved style makes it simple to install blinds that fit the gently curving shape of your bow window. Installing a single curved rail instead of multiple straight rails makes for a cleaner line across the window. Vertical blinds are a common choice to accompany curved headrails, but cloth shades or pleated blinds offer another option.

Individual Blinds for Bow Windows

Individual blinds are another popular option for your unique bow windows. With individual blinds, you have more control over the privacy and light; open all of the blinds and welcome in the morning, or keep only one of the blinds up in order to watch for the mailman. Individual blinds could be more expensive and time-consuming to install due to the amount of material and hardware.

Popular window blinds for bow windows include wood slat blinds, cloth Roman shades that fold together when opened, and economical cellular blinds. High-end blinds options include custom treatments and motorized blinds that make it simple to control the look of your bow windows with the touch of a button.

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