Andersen Bow Windows: New Windows, Unique Flair

July 30, 2010

When choosing replacement windows for your home, you have the unique opportunity to change the entire look and feel of your home. Instead of opting for new windows that look the same as the old ones, why not go in a different direction with bow windows? Andersen bow windows can help do the trick by improving curb appeal and your home's beauty a few notches.

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The Basics of Bow Windows

Bow windows are much like bay windows in that they expand the size of the room with an additional alcove. They also allow for a spectacular and mostly unobstructed view. But while bay windows have a fixed center panel and side panels that might be fixed or working windows, the bow windows have many more design options.

Bow windows sweep away from your home in a gentle arch. That arch is made of four, five, or six windows, and sometimes even more, depending upon the size of window you choose. If you prefer a panoramic view, each of the windows can be fixed to create a sweeping panel of glass.

But if you prefer having the option to open a window and allow the fresh air to flow into your home, you can choose which panels are working windows and which ones are fixed. When you choose working windows, you have the option of the type you want: Casement? Awning? How about double-hung windows? The options are yours to explore!

Why Choose Anderson Bow Windows?

A leader in replacement windows, Andersen offers bow window options that suit both your design sensibilities and your practical needs. Andersen uses innovative Low-E4 technology for all glass panes in their windows, which offers significant noise reduction, energy-efficiency, and UV-ray protection. You can also choose specific glass patterns for more flair, or tempered glass for more security.

When you choose Andersen bow windows that open and close, TruScene technology allows for insect screens that are virtually invisible, leaving more of your panoramic view intact. Combine hardware and color options to complete your unique design.

Those are just a few of the many small benefits that add up to big advantages when you choose replacement windows from Andersen!

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