Solving the Problem of Privacy with Bay Windows

December 23, 2009

Bay windows are a powerful addition to any room of the home, adding architectural interest to both the interior and exterior of the home. But solving the privacy problem of bay windows can be a puzzler for even the most accomplished interior designer. To help add privacy to a bay window, consider the following tips for window treatments for bay windows:

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The safest window treatment option for a bay window is using a roman or roll up shade on each window of the configuration. A cornice or valance can be used to hide the hardware and keep the look seamless. Use fabrics or colors that tie the window to the rest of the décor in the room for a professional looking style.

Cover Walls, Not Windows

If the view is the best feature of the bay window, don't hide it - highlight it and bring it into the room. Use a rod with panels that cover the wall areas around and within the bay window, not the windows themselves if the view is outstanding and privacy and light control are not major concerns.

Smaller Bays

If the bay window is a shallow area less than two feet deep, try installing panels on the outside wall with blinds or shades on each window. The panel actually makes the bay window look larger in this instance.

Curved Customization

Installing a customized curved track along the contours of your windows gives you complete freedom for choosing window treatments. Bulky hardware at each corner is eliminated and panels can flow seamlessly.

Bay windows are perfect for adding space and light to a room, consider window treatments to add the element of privacy as well.

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