Learning about the Basics of Bay Windows

January 06, 2010

Bay windows are a series of individual windows, normally three or more, that add a 'bump out' to living space and add a dimension to the windowed area. Bay windows typically have one main window that's parallel to the wall of the home, surrounded with two angled side windows to form somewhat of a semicircle. They're similar to bow windows, but are more angled and typically don't have curved glass, making them a more affordable option.

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Typically the bay window has a fixed center window that is flanked by double hung side windows, but the options abound in the opening configurations and older bay windows may not have any windows that open, they are all fixed position windows.

Bay windows are used to not only add architectural interest to the façade of the house, but they add natural light and additional space to the room. They bring a more open feel to the room and can be used to create a cozy seating nook with smaller bay windows or a breakfast nook with larger bay windows in a kitchen.

Typical bay windows offer a floor to ceiling bump out in the room, but there is a less expensive alternative to bay windows. In the kitchen, a smaller bay window is often used to add a more open look but in a smaller size. Often these smaller areas are used for plants and herbs and feature a flat surface at the base to hold them.

Bay windows are a powerful upgrade to a home. In smaller homes, the extra space, light and view goes a long way to providing a more open and airy feel in the room, which adds value to the home.

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