Install Bay Windows And Window Blinds With These Steps

December 31, 2009

When preparing to install bay windows, there are certain materials that you'll need to get started: a power drill and saw, wood shims, a level, the manufacturer's instructions and window hardware, screw caps or plugs, a retractable tape measure and protective eyewear. Read the manufacturer's guidelines carefully--and off you go.

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Size It Up: Measure the Bay Window Opening
Standard fare with respect to measuring windows. Take three calculations--right, middle and left. Always stick with the shortest measurement of the three to ensure that your bay window fits snugly. You can simply shim any gaps in the mounting portion of the project. In fact, most professionals typically allow one-half to three-quarters of an inch space for shimming when they install bay windows.

Meat and Potatoes: Hang the Bay Window
Get help to do this. A bay window is typically a single, heavy unit. Trying to lift it yourself can either hurt you or bend the window frame, rendering it unusable. Attach the bay window into pre-drilled holes using kit screws. Always attach top to bottom for correct fit. Use the level to ensure that the arrangement is level and that no additional adjustments are needed. Cover screws with caps.

Add Bookends: Install Bay Windows' Decorative Supports
A corbel goes underneath when you inststall bay windows. If you've understood how to install bay windows to this point, you'll realize that a decorative corbel provides support for this heavy window unit. Plus, it adds some aesthetic value to the project. With respect to a bay window cap, shoot for materials such as copper, fiber glass or wood. The cap repels water and looks good, as well.

Finishing Touches: Insulate, Drywall and Window Blinds
The project is finished indoors as you add insulation and drywall. Use quality products in these areas for maximum energy efficiency. Add window blinds and you're ready to enjoy an entirely new room.

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