Benefits of Bay Window Replacement

December 17, 2009

Bay windows provide additional light and add architectural interest to a home's interior and exterior. Replacing an old bay window with a new one can help in saving energy and reducing damage to your home. Here are a few reasons for considering bay window replacement:

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  • Reduce energy costs: Unlike old wood windows, new windows are made from vinyl and other materials that resemble wood while providing a strong seal. This helps reduce your energy costs and prevents drafts.
  • Avoid damage common to wood windows: Termites, dry rot, and water damage can all take a toll on traditional wood windows. Replacing your bay window can seal leaks and assist in preventing structural damage to your home.
  • Easy maintenance: You can easily maintain your new bay window with a little warm water, cleaning agent, and elbow grease. Vinyl windows come ready to install, and don't require paint or stain.
  • Maintain architectural integrity: It's possible to perform bay window replacement without sacrificing your home's appearance. Mouldings can be replicated to maintain historical accuracy with modern convenience, and custom woodworkers can replicate the appearance of wood windows.
  • Wide selection of styles, sizes, colors: Window manufacturers produces a huge assortment of windows made from natural and synthetic materials to meet your style preferences and price range.

Shopping for bay window replacement options and installation online can help you narrow your selections to appropriate window styles and price ranges.

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