Window Shades for Bay Windows

October 11, 2010

Bay windows can add a distinctive character to your home. Window shades give your room finish and flavor. They can also add privacy while providing an economic temperature control.

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Bay Windows: Shopping for Shades

Shades mounted on the inside of the frame provide a nice clean look and emphasize any window molding. Window shades for bay windows mounted on the outside of the frame allow for greater privacy and light control.

Bay window shades come in a variety of styles--cellular or honeycomb, roller, sunscreen, Roman, pleated--colors, light filtering and blackout materials. Cellular or honeycomb are constructed of energy-saving air pockets shaped like a beehive. The price continues to drop on the ever-popular Roman shades with hundreds of colors and styles.

Roller blinds range from very basic spring clutch systems to those with remote control mechanisms. Made from a translucent material that blocks the heat and UV rays, sunscreen shades maintain your view. Pleated shades are becoming increasingly popular for energy efficiency as well as being cordless, which eliminates those annoying strings.

Buying Shades for Bay Windows: The Bottom Line

Prices depend on size, materials -- from faux wood and screen fabrics to woven polyester lace and fine linens. The quality of light diffusion, energy efficiency and UV protection also contribute to cost.

Most shades are custom fit, so always measure each window carefully. Most companies do not offer returns or refunds for incorrectly measured items, wrong fabric or color selection. When ordering, state the width then height in inches, not feet. When measuring for an inside mounted shade, round down to the nearest one-eighth inch and for outside mounts, round up.

Incredibly versatile and affordable, window shades are the perfect accessory to any room as well as an investment for your home.

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