Bay Window Prices: The Cost of Replacement Windows

August 11, 2010

Bay and bow windows are a classic choice for replacement windows, bringing the outside in with large panels that allow for a beautiful view of the backyard and ample natural lighting. The bonus with bay windows is that you can create an alcove, or bay, as a luxurious place to kick back and read the latest best-seller, or as a space for additional storage.

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Think you couldn't fit a bay window into your window opening? Think again. Most large windows can be converted into bay windows. Upgrading your existing bay window or installing a new one is an easy way to give a room a makeover.

Bay Window Prices: What to Expect

There are three types of bay replacement windows: double-hung, casement bay, and casement bow.

  1. Double-hung bay windows. Available in various projection angles, a basic 30-degree double-hung bay window measuring 7 feet by 4.5 feet has a base price of about $1,340.*
  2. Casement bay windows. Also available in various projection angles, the base price of a basic 30-degree casement bay window measuring 7.75 feet by 3 feet is $1,100.*
  3. Casement bow windows. A 10-degree casement bow window measuring 6 feet by 3 feet has a base price of about $989.*

Other factors that affect pricing are upgrades, grilles, insect screens, and installation and delivery. Bay and bow windows come in a variety of frame finishes and colors from which to choose, and you'll also have a multitude of hardware and grille options. With an endless number of combinations, you can select the perfect window style to complement your home.

Cost-Saving Considerations for New Windows

Two other cost-saving considerations are durability and energy efficiency.

First, maintenance costs you time and money. Avoid the expense and hassle by selecting windows with finishes guaranteed not to rust, flake, or corrode. Second, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gain and loss occurs in windows through direct conduction through the glass, and through air leakage. When considering new windows, check the energy performance rating and select one rated appropriately for your climate.

After you have a ballpark figure of costs and you've take precautions to reduce future maintenance and energy costs, it's time to puchase your new bay window and upgrade your home. Bay windows are a small improvement that can make a big difference.

*Bay window prices include commonly ordered options such as natural pine interiors and standard hardware. Price does not include upgrades, grilles, screens, installation, taxes, or delivery charges.

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