Top Bay Window Materials

October 11, 2010

Thanks to the wide range of sizes and styles, bay windows can fit easily into the decor of almost any home. Typical bay windows are made with at least three windows joined together, with one window in the middle with two on the sides. The window unit juts out from the exterior of the home, forming a "bay" on the interior.

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Common Bay Window Materials

The top bay windows materials are the same as what you would expect from any other type of window, with an added twist: your bay windows don't have to have the same material throughout. For instance, the center window can be made of wood, while the side windows are made of vinyl.

Here are the top bay windows materials to expect when you go shopping for replacement windows.

  • Wood. Classic yet a bit pricier than most other options, wood has been a top window material for as long as windows have been in existence.
  • Aluminum. Very easy to maintain, aluminum stands tough against the elements.
  • Vinyl. Very popular for their ease of use and affordable prices, vinyl windows are one of the most common bay window materials.
  • Clad. Clad windows offer wood on the inside and another material on the outside, such as vinyl or aluminum, making clad windows the ultimate in customization.
  • Steel. Thin and very strong, steel works well for bay windows, especially those that are very large and require thinner frames for the maximum view.
  • Specialty materials. Many window companies offer speciality materials based on patented designs and their own manufacturing techniques.

Though there are numerous styles and materials to choose from, remember that the best bay window materials are those that look perfect with the exterior and decor of your home.

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